2017-18 Building Professional Development Plans

High SchoolMS Teacher - Jamie Daniels

  • PLC Collaboration Cycle – Quality Instruction/AIW
  • Blended and Flipped Classrooms
  • English Language Learner Modules

Middle School

  • Professional Learning Communities: PLC Collaboration Cycle, Quality Instruction Scoring Through AIW
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Second Step Curriculum in relation to Substantive Conversation and Iowa Core 21st Century Skills; How teachers can support anxious students
  • Specific Curriculum: 95% Reading Intervention Curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards
  • Continued implementation of Substantive Conversation, and collaborative and productive groups (AIW and GRR)

Emerson Elementary

  • Formative Assessments
  • PLC Collaboration Cycle – reflect and improve
  • CoachingMark T Instructional Rounds
  • Standards Based Grading
  • 95% Reading Intervention materials for upper grades
  • Interactive writing


  • Collaborative group work
  • Growth Mindset
  • PLC Collaboration Cycle – reflect and improve
  • Standards Based Grading


  • Creating assessments to align with the standards
  • Standards Based Grading
  • Aligning instructional practices with the standards
  • High order/in-depth math strategies and tasks

Laura Ingalls Wilder95% Training

  • Positive Behavior Support System (PBIS)
  • Climate and Culture
  • Reading fluency
  • Math labs
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility and Authentic Intellectual Work being embedded
  • Responding to data