Purple & Gold Early Childhood Programs

Statewide Voluntary 4 Year Old Preschool

The program’s goal is to provide a high quality early childhood program meeting each child’s needs, including children with disabilities and those from a diverse background. The early childhood program classroom provides a rich learning environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity and supports them to take risks that lead to new skill development. It is a setting where children feel cared for, safe, and respected. This is an opportunity for children to take part in planned, active learning experiences to build their school readiness skills. The Purple and Gold program has adopted and meets the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards, administered by the Iowa Department of Education. The early childhood program is licensed by the Department of Human Services. The Iowa Early Learning Standards along with The Creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives are used to guide expectations for the children and instructional practices.

Early Childhood Special Education

The Purple and Gold program provides all children, including those with disabilities and unique learning needs an opportunity to participate in early childhood programs. When needed, modifications are made in the environment and staffing patterns in order to include children with special needs. Staff are aware of the identified needs of individual children and are trained to follow through on specific intervention plans. It is our belief that inclusion in our program will enrich the experience for teachers, students, other children and their families. The early childhood facilities meet the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements.


Purple and Gold Early Childhood Handbook 2023-2024

Purple and Gold Program Supply List 2023 2024


IQPPS Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards