The work of educating students goes beyond the classroom.  It takes a wide variety of expertise and resources to support the teaching and learning process.  Each of our departments is committed to providing essentials services and supports in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  Our departments put students first by making them the focus of all strategic and operational decisions.

Department Contacts



Nelson, LeeLee Nelson                                                      Office: 515-961-9520 ext. 2180
Activities Director                                           Email:





Business Operations

Picture of Johna ClancyJohna Clancy                                                     Office: 515-961-9500 ext. 1503
School Business Official                                  Email:





Child Care

Post, KimKim Post                                                            Office: 515-961-9565 ext. 9565
Child Care Director                                           Email:






Brueck, BernieBernie Brueck                                                    Office: 515-961-9590 ext. 1600
Facilities Director                                              Email:





Food Service

picture of Costigan A

Abbi Costigan                                                        Office: 515-961-9591 ext. 1608
Food Service Director                                           Email:





Human Resources

picture of Royer Shelley

Shelley Royer                                                        Office: 515-961-9500 ext. 1509
Director of Human Resources                              Email:


Information Technology

IT 20171218 RayRay Coffey                                                           Office: 515-961-9500 ext. 1512
Director of Technology                                       Email:





Teaching and Learning

Picture of Annette JauronAnnette Jauron                                                       Office: 515-961-9500 ext. 1508
Director of Teaching and Learning                  Email:





Student Services

Picture of Sarah BakerSarah Baker                                                         Office: 515-961-9500 ext. 3114
Special Programs Director                                  Email:






Swartz, RonRon Swartz                                                          Office: 515-961-9592 ext. 1605
Transportation Director                                     Email: