PowerSchool Frequently Asked Questions


Q1:  How do I add another child to my existing PowerSchool Unified Classroom account?

A1:  Login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, then go to Account Preferences -> Students tab -> click the Add button.

Next, enter the  student name, access ID, access password, & your relationship to the student.  Click OK.

Note:  The access ID & access password are provided in the parent portal letter emailed to you.  If you do not have a copy of letter, please contact the building secretary and he/she can email you a copy.


Q2:  How do I get into the mobile app on my phone?  What’s the username and password? The one I use for the PowerSchool Parent web portal isn’t working!

A2:  Your web portal and mobile accounts have the same username and password.  Please see our PowerSchool Mobile Apps page for more information.


Q3:  How do I change the type or number of email notifications I receive from PowerSchool?

A3:  PowerSchool Parent notifications can be set following these instructions.

Note:  The settings above do not change the notifications for non-automated emails sent from the district (i.e. school information emailed from school offices and teachers).  For changes with those types of notifications, please contact a building secretary to update your email address.