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Mission: Committed to Excellence and Achieving a Lifetime of Success

The Indianola Community School District provides students with a rigorous and innovative curriculum, committed and engaging teachers, and nurturing environments that provide the opportunity for unlimited possibilities. Based on a philosophy of teaching and learning that is consistent with current research, exemplary practices, and state standards, Indianola CSD students will gain skills that will allow them to be successful over a lifetime.

Principal AJ

Annette Jauron, Ed.S.

Director of Teaching and Learning
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Kathy Timmerman 2019 (2)Kathy Timmerman

Administrative Assistant
Office of Teaching and Learning
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Theory of Action

  • If the community is aware of and supportive of essential core skills
  • If the school board has an understanding of current best practices in teaching and learning and responsibly allocates resources aligned with goals
  • If administrators understand district goals and initiatives and actively help others make connections and if administrators are accountable for implementation of best practices and essential skills
  • If teachers provide high levels of instruction using best practices and relate the content to students’ lives beyond school
  • If parents understand and promote active, consistent attendance and active classroom participation
  • If students understand why the Iowa Core content is important and relevant to their lives and are engaged in learning

Then all students will master the essential Iowa Core skills and national standards so that they can apply those skills in life beyond school.

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