A free anonymous K-12 school safety reporting system is now available to help prevent violence, unlawful possession of weapons, self-harm and other forms of victimization and threatening behaviors in schools across the state. 

The Governor’s School Safety Bureau has made  Safe+Sound Iowa available to students, school staff, parents and concerned community members to help identify and provide intervention for students in crisis before they hurt themselves or others. Reports of safety concerns can be made securely and anonymously three ways: 

  1. Downloading and using the free Safe+Sound Iowa app 
  2. Going to SafeandSoundIowa.gov, or
  3. Calling 800-224-6018 

Trained dispatchers monitor reports made through Safe+Sound Iowa 24/7 and immediately engage in two-way communication with those raising concerns to ensure the information is vetted. Dispatchers then share information with the appropriate local school safety contact, law enforcement or other community partners so outreach and support can be provided to the student in crisis. 

Safe+Sound Iowa is a valuable resource in supporting schools, local law enforcement and other community partners in working together to prevent and protect against acts of violence. Schools may opt-in at any time. 

Additional Ways to contact ICSD to report safety concerns.

Call or text 515-444-5911


Use our online tip portal