Title IX Coordinator

School districts must designate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to implement the requirements of Title IX.  The name and contact information of the Title IX Coordinator must be shared with all students and employees.

Indianola CSD Title IX Coordinator

Shelley Royer
Human Resources Director/Title IX Coordinator
1301 East Second Avenue
Indianola, IA 50215
Office: 515-961-9500 ext. 1509
Email: shelley.royer@indianola.k12.ia.us

Title IX Coordinator Duties

The Title IX Coordinator ensures the school district’s compliance with Title IX requirements. They oversee the district’s response to Title IX reports and complaints. They identify and address any patterns or systemic problems exposed by complaints. They organize training on Title IX protections, procedural requirements, district procedures and protocols, reporting obligations, investigations, grievance procedures and interim measures. The Title IX Coordinator must be informed of all discrimination reports and complaints, including those filed with or being investigated by another district representative.