Important safety issues around the school bus and during student transportation.


Tran 2017 school bus tips


Danger Zones

Accidents that occur during school bus loading and unloading are known as “danger zone” accidents. The danger zone refers to the areas extending 15 feet to the front, rear and sides of the bus, where children are in danger of being hit by passing vehicles or by their own bus. We inform students about the danger zone at least twice per year during our school bus evacuations drills. This is why we ask all students to wait until school bus come to a complete stop before they proceed towards the school bus.


Required Stopping for Bus Stops

Tran 2017 stop arm 2

Iowa law requires all vehicles to stop when a school bus is loading or unloading students. Failure to stop for a school bus is very dangerous to the students at that stop and has major consequence for the driver of the vehicle. The above link will all requirements for stopping at school bus stops. Basic rule is a driver of any vehicle can not pass a school bus from either direction if the stop sign is extended and the red flashing lights are on. If amber lights are on, the driver of a vehicle can slow down and pass from the front but can not pass from the rear of the school bus.



Iowa DOT School Bus Safety Information

This Iowa DOT site has several great tips and very informative information about school bus safety.