Online Job Search and Application

The Indianola CSD uses the TalentEd-Hire, an online application system for all certified and classified positions. This system enables job seekers to update their application materials at their convenience and apply for various positions with the click of a button.

The application process consists of multiple steps and may take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Applicants are not required to complete the process at one time. They may log back in to return to an incomplete application or update a submitted application.  Electronic applications are retained in “active” status for one year.  Applicants are notified when their materials are about to expire and given an opportunity to renew their application.

Many positions require supplemental documents, such as cover letters, resumes, transcripts and professional licenses. These documents may be uploaded through TalentEd-Hire.

The ICSD does not accept paper applications.

Application Process

Candidates for certified positions (i.e., teaching, administrative, etc.) must submit:

  • A letter of interest/cover letter
  • A current résumé
  • A completed electronic application form
  • A copy of transcripts/credentials from an accredited college/university
  • A copy or evidence of a current teaching licensure (experienced teachers)
  • At least three electronic reference survey requests
  • A signed authorization to conduct a criminal and child/dependent adult abuse background check.

Candidates for classified positions (i.e. associate, food service, custodial, maintenance, etc.) need only submit a completed electronic application form.

Screening Process

All applicants will be screened based on their experience, qualifications and credentials.  Quantitative screening protocols will be used to ensure consistency and objectivity throughout the screening process.  Explicit screening criteria, aligned with basic qualifications, district expectations and building needs, will be used to identify those individuals with superior skills and with the most potential to be highly effective employees.

Interview Process

Once the most qualified candidates have been screened, building principals or hiring managers will invite 3-4 finalists to participate in interviews. Interviews will consist of a question and answer session, a  performance evaluation and a tour of district facilities.  Interview teams may be comprised of district administrators, teachers, and students. Candidates will have ample opportunity to ask questions of the interview team.


Candidates will be selected according to their interview responses, performance demonstration results and multiple reference checks.  The district will also conduct a background check on potentially successful candidates. If the preferred candidate passes the background check, the Human Resources Department will make an offer of employment pending school board approval.  All job offers are contingent on appropriate licensure.

Follow Up

All applicants will receive an email notifying them when position have been filled. Finalists who interview for a position will receive a telephone call notifying them of their status.  Given the volume of applicants and the number of positions to be filled, it may not be possible for a candidate to verify their status by telephone.