Program Description

Identification: We utilize valid and systematic procedures for identifying gifted and talented students from the total student population.  Based on data collected from multiple criteria, individual need(s) will be determined.

Kindergarten-3rd Grade: 


Children who come to school reading one-two grade levels above their placement in school are assessed and if there is not a corresponding reading level in their class the opportunity to accelerate a grade level for reading will be determined in collaboration with parents and teachers.  If the schedule allows, the GT instructor will have an intervention group of first, second and/ or third graders.


In math the students are individually assessed if the classroom teacher has evidence the child needs acceleration or a differentiated program.  The TAG teacher will collaborate with the classroom teacher to determine the level of services the student requires.


4th & 5th Grade:

Formally identified 4th and 5th grade students will be served in GT groups each week, throughout the school year. Those students who qualify for GT services in the area of reading will meet with the GT teacher five times a week for approximately 30-40 minutes a session. Similarly, those students who qualify for G/T in the area of math will also meet three times a week for approximately 30 minutes.


6th-8th Grade:

At the middle school, the GT teacher will be working closely with the teachers to ensure that identified student needs are addressed. All classroom teachers are expected to differentiate learning according to needs. The key component for success is accelerated curriculum. The gifted and talented teacher will be given time to collaborate with teachers to make sure all planning for students is appropriate, however, that does not mean that he/she will be present during the delivery of instruction. The object is to have all teachers become teachers of the gifted, not just one. We will never be able to give students what they truly need if only one teacher is available. Our goal is for all teachers to become educated on how to address student’s needs.

Identified GT students who are “significantly discrepant” will be clustered in the core curriculum classrooms, based upon their areas of giftedness.  Differentiation will occur for these students through varied delivery, tiered assignments, learning contracts and/or extension activities.

In regards to the social and emotional concerns for our GT students, the Indianola schools have put an emphasis on the social and emotional concerns of our middle school students by employing three guidance counselors, one for each grade. It is the expectation that the guidance counselor at each grade level will be involved in addressing any social or emotional concerns of our students.


9th-12th Grade:

Gifted and Talented services at Indianola High School consist of:

  • Academic advising
  • Interest groups
  • Special projects
  • Workshops and Conferences – Women in Science at ISU, Young Scholars Program
  • College Search and Preparation
  • Online Courses
  • Career Exploration– job shadow, mentorship, internship
  • Academic Contests and Competitions
  • Collaboration/Consultation between GT & content teachers for differentiation of curriculum
  • Indianola High School offers advanced classes. GT students may be served in these courses, however, not all students in advanced classes have been identified for the GT program.

Consideration of GT for students not yet identified:

There will be a group of students who, due to move-in status or teacher or parent recommendation, may need to be considered or re-considered for gifted programming. GT teachers will consider available data for these students, depending on the age/grade level of the student (ITBS or ITED from previous year, teacher inventory for finding potential, parent inventory for finding potential, ACT, SAT, other assessment information and classroom performance).  Based on this file review, the GT team will compare all student assessment information to the information for that student’s grade level peers to determine whether the student will be formally identified for GT services.