Gifted and Talented Program Mission Statement


The mission of the gifted and talented (GT) program at Indianola Community Schools is to provide an educational environment that recognizes the unique intellectual, academic, and social/emotional needs of gifted students. We are therefore committed to providing differentiated, in-depth, complex and accelerated opportunities for GT students.


In support of the mission of the Indianola Community School District, the GT Program strives to provide a quality educational experience in a cooperative atmosphere. Differentiation for gifted and talented students throughout their educational program results in improved teaching, student learning, and school performance. This is a cornerstone of programming, where the education of gifted and talented students must be flexible and responsive to their unique needs. The experiences for highly able students, both in and out of the classroom, should be purposeful and rigorous, motivating and meaningful. Through a balance of acceleration and enrichment, the abilities of gifted learners are recognized, developed and challenged.