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College and Career Readiness in Iowa

Iowa students who are college and career ready have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to be successful in postsecondary opportunities as demonstrated through multiple sources of evidence, including those generated by students. Iowa students who are college and career ready have successfully…


Achieved Proficiency In Essential Content Knowledge

  • Meets grade level benchmark on FAST math and reading
  • Is secure on grade level identified Iowa Core Standards
  • Is proficient in all three areas of the ISASP assessment

Acquired Practical Transition Skills

  • Weekly Guidance Lessons

Developed Key Learning Skills And Cognitive Strategies

  • Collaborative Learning Experiences

Built A Strong Foundation of Self Understanding And Engagement Strategies

  • At Whittier, teachers and staff have had training on CHAMP strategies.  CHAMP strategies not only addresses the academic needs of students, but the SEBMH- social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health as well.  CHAMPS provides this instruction at the universal level, which means every student receives it. At Whittier, we target specific social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health themes each month through our activities and instruction.
    • The purpose of CHAMPS is to create a sense of community and reinforce academic and social skills in engaging and interactive ways.  CHAMPS gives students consistent expectations and allows students to merge social, emotional, and academic learning.