Fundraising Through Everyday Purchases, support Indianola Schools!



We are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with Dynamic Scrip to offer a money saving mobile rewards program that can help contribute significant fundraising dollars to support our school district.

It’s only a $25 membership fee

  • $10 immediately goes to the Indianola Schools!!!
  • $10 goes into YOUR mobile wallet for future spending on eGift cards!

A family dedicated to using Dynamic Pay whenever possible can literally earn hundreds of dollars back in rebates that will be shared with Indianola Schools to help provide critical funds for programs. 

What is the Dynamic Pay web app?

Dynamic is a fundraising mobile app that allows you to make purchases directly from your phone (similar to Apple Pay) for everyday purchases such as drug stores, department stores, home improvement stores, restaurants, and more! By simply paying using the Dynamic App where you already shop or eat instead of paying by cash or only using your credit card, you’ll earn cash back rewards that are shared with Indianola Schools.

This exciting new rewards program has several benefits for your family, including:

  • The Dynamic Pay web app gives you access to over 200 national brands available in over 300,000 locations. Simply change to way you pay for everyday purchases.
  • Every purchase made results in cash rewards for you and your school district.
  • Plus, you can still earn your credit card rewards and any retailer loyalty program rewards.
  • Simply using the Dynamic Pay web app (instead of paying directly with your credit/debit card), you can earn hundreds of dollars a year in cash rewards that can be spent at over 300,000 locations.
  • $10 is immediately put into your mobile wallet when you join and becomes available to use when you earn an additional $15 rebates within the first 30 days of signing up.
  • Earn even more money when you refer friends and family!
  • Signing up is easy.