Structure and Purpose

The IMS Student Council consists of elected representatives from each class, organized to promote the general welfare of the student body. The council fosters a spirit of cooperation among the students and faculty, promotes and encourages activities for the best interest of the school, develops good citizens and leaders through experience in government activities, and helps to stimulate loyalty and school spirit. The Student Council is established as the organization through which the “voice” of the student body is heard and considered. 

The student body elects the members of the Student Council for a term of one year, during a designated election week assigned by the principal or advisor of the Council. Candidates are allowed to campaign the week prior to voting. Voting is done through a ballot and speech process, and building administration/advisor of the council will determine all general details of the election.

Any candidate campaigning for the Student Council must have, and maintain if elected, acceptable conduct. 


Student Council activities may include fundraisers for charities, spirit week, dances, and other leadership training.   


The Student Council is routinely recognized as a National Council of Excellence by the National Association of Student Councils for its exemplary record of leadership, service, and activities that serve to improve the school and community.