Students may elect to enroll in band.  Students have a small group lesson every six days, usually during the school day.  Students learn marching band techniques at the beginning of the school year.

Families are responsible for renting or purchasing most instruments, but the school does have some to loan.    Musical Instrument Check Out Form

The bands perform at a variety of venues:

  • Three school concerts per year
  • Log Cabin Days Parade
  • Homecoming Parade
  • 6th and 7th Grade Solo Contest

Jazz Band

Jazz Band typically rehearses Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and the season runs from October into March. The Jazz Band performs at three concerts and participates in four jazz festival/competitions.  This is an auditioned ensemble.

Honor Band

Seventh and 8th Grade band members may participate in both the SCIBA District Honor Band and and the Simpson College Orpheus Honor Band.  SCIBA Honor Band is in November.  Seventh graders are nominated by their teacher for participation, and 8th graders audition to be accepted.  Students who finish at the top of 8th grade auditions may qualify for the All State 8th Grade Honor Band, which is held in May.  Simpson College Orpheus Honor Band is held in January, and students are teacher nominated for both 7th and 8th grades.

Solo and Ensemble Competition

This competition is open to all students in the spring.  Sixth grade students have the option to prepare a solo during their lessons.  The students will perform their solo for a judge at the competition held at the middle school, and they will receive comments and a rating.  Seventh and 8th grade students have the option of preparing solos or small ensembles for the competition.  All participants receive a medal for their performance.  The Best of Center and Outstanding Performance awards are also nominated.  Participation is strongly encouraged for all students.