Visual Arts

Art is required for 6th and 7th grade and an elective class for 8th grade.  In 8th grade an Advanced Painting class is offered second semester if they have taken Art 8 during 1st semester.  Art projects are aligned with the Iowa Core Standards and 21st Century Skills. 

Art Club

Art Club is student led and involves a variety of visual arts and service opportunities throughout the year.  6th Grade Art Club is offered 1st semester and 7th/8th Grade Art Club is offered 2nd semester.  Activities are optional to all Art Club members depending on their school work load and other extracurricular activities throughout the year.  

Activities include:

  • Designing art club t-shirts
  • Monthly Studio Time in the art room (drawing, painting, clay)
  • Field trip to Glass Creations and Art Galleries
  • Interactive Art Day in the Spring for incoming 6th Graders
  • Homecoming Window Painting
  • Artwork for businesses around the town
  • Art Contests          

*Members can sign up during Open House in the Fall (art room) and also during art class. 

Emerging Excellence Event

Emerging Excellence is a program designed to recognize exemplary student achievement and to promote growth in the National Core Art Standards’ Artistic Processes.  This event welcomes all types of media and promotes originality and expression.  Students attending enjoy personal interviews with jurors (art professionals), art workshops, and a culminating award ceremony celebrating excellence.  

If students are interested they should contact Mrs. Smith.  This event is held in April at a location in the Heartland AEA region.  You can find more information about this event on the Art Educators of Iowa website.

Des Moines Arts Festival- Student Art Exhibition

Student Art Exhibition (sponsored by Hubbell Homes) is a program that spotlights the creativity of children K-12 attending schools in central Iowa.  Students’ artistic achievements are recognized in a special exhibition on-site at the Festival; at the Visionary Artist Ceremony at the Festival; Student Art Exhibition Reception at the Des Moines Central Library; and reward them with a Medallion and Des Moines Art Center Household Membership.  Four student artworks are chosen for this event in the Spring.

Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month (YAM) is a statewide celebration and exhibit of student artwork. Winning artwork pieces are displayed at the Iowa YAM Show, Iowa Governor’s Show, and at NAEA in the Youth Art Month Museum. There are also prize categories sponsored by Sargent Art!  In the Spring of 2020, this slideshow was put together to celebrate students in the show.  You can find more information on the Art Educators of Iowa website.

Black History Poster Contest

This art contest is open to 6-8th graders and held in February/March to celebrate and honor black history, culture and achievement.  IMS student council votes on the criteria of originality, communication of the theme and artistic merit.  The winners receive a recognition certificate.

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