7th and 8th grade students are encouraged to audition for the middle school play which is performed each spring.  Students may also sign up to be a member of the crew, where they help with costumes, make-up, scenery, props, sound effects, and lighting.  Auditions are held the week school resumes after winter break, and performances are the first weekend in March.  Generally, students rehearse after school four to five days a week throughout the season from 3:30-5:30.

Past productions include:

2020 Robin Hood

2019 The Hound of the Baskervilles

2018 Cinderstein

2017 Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

2016 Dirty Work in High Places

2015 The Last Gladiator

2014 Usher: A Totally Teen Comedy

2013 The Saga of the Golden Horseshoe

2012 Unwrapped

High School Theatre Crew

The Theatre Crew provides technical support for all events that take place in the IHS Theatre.  This ranges from setting chairs, to building scenery, to operating lighting and sound equipment.  Members have the opportunity to participate in over 100 events each year.  No prior experience is required.  Many training opportunities are provided.  Students in grade 7-12 are eligible to participate.  The IHS Theatre Crew meets each Wednesday, at 3:30, in the high school auditorium.  Students may join Crew by coming to any meeting throughout the year.  The first meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of the school year.  Attendance at all meetings is not mandatory, but is encouraged.