In support of the Indianola Community Schools belief that we should meet the needs of all students so that they can learn at high levels and be prepared for next steps along the way, a Distinguished Achievement Award was developed in 2015-2016 to recognize students that strive to take advantage of the opportunities, activities, and resources available to them. Students who intend to work toward this award complete an Intent to Participate form and return it to Mrs. Ellis or Mrs. Asell by a selected date, typically mid-September.

Students will submit evidence of their achievements through their school Google account in a folder that will be copied during a help session.  Pictures and recordings can be included as evidence.  The portfolio due date is typically in mid-April. The portfolios will be scored by either an administrator or teacher(s) using scoring rubrics.  Students meeting the criteria will be awarded the Indianola Middle School Distinguished Achievement Award at a special ceremony in May in the cafeteria.

Students may submit a portfolio each year of middle school as long as the portfolio contains original work each submission.

Students who are not selected to receive the award, based on the scoring of the portfolio, can improve their portfolio contents and re-submit them the following year, while adhering to the multiple-year submission guidelines. This applies to 6th and 7th graders.

Scheduled help sessions will be held in Mrs. Asell’s room (room 601)  7:15-7:50 am, but a student can also see Mrs. Asell or Mrs. Ellis for questions and assistance before or after school most days.

Parents of participating students will be emailed reminders of the help sessions. Parents can have access to their student’s Google account to help monitor and support the student’s progress and to see the forms required. The student will need to provide their log-in information to the parent.

Distinguished Achievement Award Information