Short Films

Seventh grade students may elect to enroll in Short Films, but the class size is limited.

Students learn the visual language of film and video production, including shot composition, sound design, and editing.  In fact, the students use some of the same editing software used by professionals in Hollywood!  One of the main goals of this class is to prepare the crew for the 8th grade Movie Making class, and Short Films is tailored to the needs of the next year’s film.

Movie Making

Eighth grade students may elect to enroll in Movie Making, but the class size is limited.

Lights, Camera, Action!  Each year, this class produces a 45-50 minute film, utilizing the same process of a Hollywood Studio.  Actors for the film audition in the spring and rehearse their parts over the summer.  Crew members specialize in their jobs – Assistant Director, Sound Design, Microphone Boom, Editing.  The films produced are complete with behind-the-scenes bonus features and are shown for the community each fall as a fundraiser for IMS Technology Programs.