Proud Traditions…Unlimited Possibilities.  I am struck by the evidence of these guiding words for the school district.  The middle school staff is a committed group of professionals who take steps to continually improve the learning experience and provide different opportunities for students. A part of our mission is to prepare students for success in high school and beyond while students explore different interests.  In order to accomplish this, we will stimulate rigorous academic growth of all students, and we will engage all students in a broad spectrum of learning.

It is essential that parents, guardians, additional family members, and community members actively participate.  There are a variety of ways to be involved in a student’s education including, but not limited to, asking specific questions about school, supporting school activities, communicating with the staff, setting goals and celebrating successes, and researching careers.  Together we can ensure that each student will have the skills and support necessary to pursue the unlimited possibilities in the global economy.

Please take the time to explore not only the middle school web information but the information of all the district’s schools and departments.  The strength of the Indianola Community School District reflected on those pages is evidence of the ongoing community support, high expectations, and the belief that anything is possible.



Kristy Ellis