Definition of College and Career Readiness in Iowa (

Iowa students who are college and career ready have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to be successful in postsecondary opportunities as demonstrated through multiple sources of evidence, including those generated by students. Iowa students who are college and career ready have successfully…

Achieved Proficiency In Essential Content Knowledge

  • Financial Literacy taught in 6th grade and is part of the social studies curriculum.
  • Second Step curriculum is used for the SEBH which incorporates emotional and personal skills needed to be successful.
  • Family Consumer Science taught to all 7th and 8th grade students.
  • PLTW taught to all 7th and 8th grade students.
  • W.I.N. opportunities for STEM and Fine Arts

Acquired Practical Transition Skills

  • 6th Grade Orientation Day -Students are able to come and get a sneak peak of how MS works and meet the teachers/students.
  • 8th Grade Transition Day – Students tour the high school and meet counselors.
  • XELLO Career and College Ready Tool used to identify career interests and complete a 4-year plan for our students in 8th grade that will be utilized in high school.
  • Career Fair for 8th graders

Developed Key Learning Skills And Cognitive Strategies

  • Project Based learning opportunities in classrooms
  • Collaborative Learning Experiences
  • Scientific Units of Inquiry

Built A Strong Foundation of Self Understanding And Engagement Strategies

  • Students engage in conversations regarding their Civic Duty in their Government Course
    • Students have opportunities to participate in a campaign and vote in secure environment
  • Hands on Experiences in various classrooms to engage students and connect to the real world for value beyond school. Some examples include but are not limited to experiments, projects, performances, interviews and guest speakers.
  • Through collaborative learning activities student work together and socialize with their peers.
  • XELLO provides the use of personal inventories and career interest inventories
  • Various Student Centered Clubs and extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to explore their own interests and expand upon their understanding of topics and activities of interest.
  • W.I.N. – Special interest groups that help students explore with STEM and Fine Arts.