Greetings parents and guardians. The high school counselors are excited to invite you to be an essential part of your student’s college and career readiness. Xello is an online program your student is using in school to help them prepare for the future. Currently the counselors are going into classrooms presenting lessons on topics such as; self understanding, career exploration, and decision making skills. These activities help students build self-knowledge, explore their options, and create achievable plans. They develop the 21st-century skills needed to thrive in the world of work.

You were sent an email from noreply@xelloworld inviting you to create an account and view your student’s work. Contact your student’s school counselor if you need the invite sent again.  We encourage you to use your Xello Family account to see your student’s work in future-readiness. Use this opportunity to discuss and support their future goals and plans.  Welcome to the Xello Family

For technical support contact: 


Phone: 1 (800) 965-8541 

Hours: 7AM – 7 PM  Central time

We appreciate your engagement and hope Xello continues to build those conversations about life after IHS.