Indianola High School
1304 East First Avenue
Indianola, IA 50125

Main Office: (515) 961-9510
Fax: (515) 961-9519

Picture of the High School Principal, Jeff SiebersmaJeff Siebersma

(515) 961-9510 x2100




Picture of the Assistant High School Principal, Kelli RixnerKelli Rixner

Assistant Principal
(515) 961-9510 x2101



Picture of Dean of Students, Josh Lullmann

Josh Lullmann

Dean of Students
(515) 961-9510 x2170



Picture of secretary, Stacey Johnson Stacey Johnson

Main Office Secretary
(515) 961-9510 x2172



Picture of secretary, Kim Marchant

Kimberly Marchant

Main Office Secretary
(515) 961-9510 x2162




Attendance Secretary 
(515) 961-9510 x2230
Attendance Email: