All  are Welcome at School Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are held at 5:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise scheduled by action of the Board of Education at the District Office Board Room, 1304 East Second Avenue, Indianola, Iowa.

The current board agenda is online and available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

To view or download a file, click on the date to view the agenda for that meeting.


Indianola Community School District
Board of Education
Regular Board  Meeting
Monday April 22, 2019
 5:30 pm 
District Office Board Room


I. Call to Order
II. Good News
III. Consent Agenda
IV. Delegations, Petitions and Communications
V. Action Items
A. District
1. Discussion of Broadcasting Board Meetings
2. 2019-20 Teacher & Associate Handbook
B. Curriculum/School Improvement/Professional Development
1. Board Curriculum Committee Report
2. High School Second Semester Class Sizes
C. Certified Staff Human Resources/Special Education
1. Issuance of 2019-20 Certified Staff Teaching & Supplemental Contracts
2. Board Human Resources Committee Report
D. Technology
E. Finance/Facilities/Support Services
1. 2019 Roof Projects
a) Public Hearing
b) Project Approval
2. Not to Exceed $6,855,000 General Obligation School Refunding Bond, Series 2019
Board Presentation
a) Opening and considering sealed bids by the Superintendent of Schools, Secretary of the Board and Financial Advisor for the School District and referring same to the Board of Directors
b) Consideration of Sealed Bids opened and reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools, Secretary of the Board and Financial Advisor
c) Resolution Directing Sale
d) Resolution authorizing the redemption of outstanding general obligation school bonds dated October 8, 2013
e) Resolution authorizing the issuance of not to exceed $6,855,000 general obligation school refunding bonds, Series 2019, and levying a tax for the payment therof
3. Board Finance Committee Report
4. Facilities Project Update
F. Superintendent
1. Graduation/Dropout Data
2. Board Policies
3. Next Board Agenda
4. Board Calendar
VI. Other
VII. Adjourn


VII. The Board will have an exempt session commencing after the regular Board meeting as provided by Iowa Code 20.17(3) to discuss negotiations strategy.

Agenda – April 22, 2019

Board Packet – April 22, 2019