Welcome to Student Health Services

Our Mission:

ICSD Health Services looks at the whole child and focuses attention on ensuring that all students are healthy and feel supported, challenged, engaged, and safe (Lewallen, et.al, Journal of School Health, Nov. 2015).  The health needs of each student are recognized and met in ways that are appropriate to the student and the situation.  The student should be viewed as a member of a family and the community, which should be taken into consideration when performing a health service.  All students have the right to come to school healthy and ready to learn and student’s ability to learn is directly related to his/her health.

Our Goal:

The ICSD Student Health Office goal is to provide our students the best care possible by empowering each student to achieve their individual learning potential by promoting optimal health, wellness, and safety.  We are committed to work with the families, schools, and community advocating for our students.


ICSD has three registered nurses who serve the district.  All buildings have a health office associate.

Student Health Services Handbook