Counseling Program Focus

The Indianola Community Schools use the ASCA National Model to determine the role and functions of the school counselors.


  • Every student has the ability to achieve.
  • School counselors will collaborate with all stakeholders to address every student’s developmental needs.
  • School counselors serve as student advocates.
  • Data will drive and evaluate program decisions.
  • The ASCA Ethical Standards guide the work of school counselors.
  • Student developmental needs are best met by implementing a school counseling program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental design.


The Indianola K-12 Counseling Program impacts students’ lives through the development of the students’ social skills, self-management skills, strategies for learning, and healthy mindsets.

Graduates of the Indianola Community School District  are prepared to make contributions to their community by securing employment, being law-abiding, and continuing to learn at high levels. Graduates will demonstrate empathy and consistently make healthy choices that impact their relationships. They will also utilize resiliency skills to persevere during times of change and to attain goals.


The mission of the Indianola Community School District counseling program is to provide all students with a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students so that students will obtain a lifetime of excellence.  School counselors provide support to maximize academic achievement and student potential by partnering with students, educators, parents or guardians, and the community.