Digital Backpack FAQS

For Parents & Students

  • What is the Indianola digital backpack? The digital backpack allows the Indianola Community School District to distribute school and community information electronically to parents, staff, and students.
  • Can I subscribe to the digital backpack? Yes! A subscription option – based on digital backpack categories is available. The subscription allows you to receive an email for all new event postings (within a specific category).

For Distributors

  • Can I submit an event? If you are a part of a school-affiliated, school-sponsored, school-supported, or non-profit organization – yes!
  • Does my flyer need a disclaimer? Most likely! All flyers (excluding school-affiliated, -sponsored, and -supported) must include the following disclaimer:

    “This is not a Indianola Community School District publication, nor is it in any way endorsed or sponsored by the district. This publication is being provided only to inform the viewer of other available community activities and opportunities.”

  • Will my event be approved? If your event follows all of the criteria listed above, it should approved. If it is not, an email will be sent to the listed contact explaining the reason for denial.
  • How long will my information be available on the digital backpack? An event will expire after it’s designated event date.
  • Can I send a paper flyer to students? Only school-sponsored and school-affiliated organizations can send flyers home with students.