As mentioned in a recent Indianola Independent Advocate article, there are two items that are being brought to a public vote on March 3,2020, related to school funding:

  1. Voters will be asked to allow the district to levy $0.135 per $1,000 of taxable valuation for Public Educational and Recreational Levy (PERL).
  • Funds from this levy may be used to establish and maintain public playgrounds, public recreation purposes and community education purposes.
  • Typically, approving a tax levy means a tax increase, but the school district does not anticipate an increase in the overall tax rate from the school district, due to increased valuations and the district levying fewer cash reserve dollars.

A vote of “YES” will add a new levy for $0.135 per $1,000 of taxable valuation for Public Education and Recreation (PERL).

A vote of “NO” will not add the Public Education and Recreation (PERL) levy rate.


  1. Voters will be asked to renew the Indianola Schools Sales Tax Revenue Purpose Statement.
    • This does not increase taxes or extend the period of the 1-Cent Sales Tax.
    • The Sales Tax Revenue Purpose Statement guides how Indianola Schools use these sales tax revenues for school infrastructure.

A vote of “YES” will allow the Indianola school district to use these funds for all eligible purposes provided under the law.

A vote of “NO” will result in more limited use of these funds.

March 3rd Indianola School Sample Ballot