At the November 28th School Board Meeting the ICSD School Board approved ICSD’s new District Mission, Vision & Core Values. 

Indianola CSD new district mission:

Indianola CSD is committed to excellence, preparing students for their future through quality staff and a strong community.

Defining our mission was a collaborative journey involving administrators, leadership teams, and the Strategic Planning Team, who worked tirelessly to define our desired daily experiences for students, families, and staff.

Together, we’ve shaped a mission that embodies the incredible teamwork and dedication to excellence that runs deep within our district. 

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ICSD’s new vision:

Indianola CSD will:

  • Be the academic standard in preparing students for global success through rigorous and collaborative learning.
  • Nurture social and emotional well-being, and maintain values of innovation, putting students first, being fiscally responsible, prioritizing safety.
  • Promote a culture that builds a brighter future for all.

This vision embodies our refined district goals, crafted through collaborative efforts.

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ICSD’s core values:

Core Values: Drivers of Our Words and Actions

  • Compassion: Focus on sense of obligation to community and partnerships
  • Excellence: Demonstrate a relentless and intentional effort in continuous improvement
  • Expectations: Grounded in accountability, high standards, responsibility, climate, culture, and growth mindset
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing through our words and actions with kindness aligned with values and beliefs
  • Respect: Honor all individuals

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The new mission, vision, and core values are a result of many sessions over the course of 10 months with our Strategic Planning Team, district leaders, and school board members, incorporating invaluable feedback from students, staff, and the community.


Ted Ihns

ICSD Superintendent