December 2022

Dear Families of Indianola Community Schools Students,

Winter season is rapidly approaching. The school district understands that the decision we make to have school open or closed has a big effect on families. The district must make a decision that is best for all students. We understand that our students are better served when they are in school. But the safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority.


This is the process that Indianola Community Schools has in place for determining to have schools opened or closed.

  • Information on road conditions from our transportation director. Our school

              district encompasses 160 square miles. Even if in your area the travel looks

              clear and safe, travel in other parts of our school district may be hazardous. 

  • Amount of snow and ice that has already accumulated.
  • Wind chill and sustained low temperatures are dangerous. Remember that 

              we have students that walk to school and others that need to wait outside 

              for their school bus.

  • Weather predictions. Although these are not always accurate we do need to

              pay attention to forecasted conditions.

  • What other school districts in the area are doing. We will check with other 

              districts to see if they will be opened or closed, however their decision will   

              not always determine ours.


As the superintendent of schools, it is my responsibility to decide if school will be open or closed based on the reasons above along with the recommendation from the Director of Transportation.


  • The decision to postpone or close school will be made no later than 5:20 am.  
  • If a late start is announced it will be after 7:00 pm. 
  • The decision to close after a late start will be made no later than 7:20 am
  • Late starts will be two hours later than normal school start times and bus pickup times.
  • Early out decisions will be based on current and predicted weather conditions and can vary depending on the situation.


Families should assume that school is open unless they hear differently. If schools are closed, families will be notified using the following:

  • School District Website
  • District Facebook Page
  • Text and/or email from Indianola Community School District
  • Local TV and Radio Stations will also be notified. KCCI TV (8), WOI TV(5), WHO TV (13), KNIA (94.3), KISS (107.5), The Bus (100.3), The Bull Alt (106.3), KHKI (97.3), KWQW (98.3), WHO (1040) and KXNO (1460) 


Not every family will be happy with the decision that is made to have school or not to have school in session on days when the weather is bad. Making the decision to have school in session or not during inclement weather brings out many strong reactions one way or another in our community. As a district we will do our best in this process, as we know that there is not a perfect solution for everyone.  

We appreciate your understanding and support in weather related decisions. Our hope is that the outline above will help everyone understand the process we use as a district to make the best possible decision.

Ted Ihns