This morning I had the opportunity to go and speak to a cohort of ISU graduate students on a variety of education leadership topics. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect and answer questions, and I had this opportunity because I had previously connected with the retired superintendent who is teaching the course.


Just recently, winter activities have been wrapping up, and I have seen the community connect with participants by turning out to support them. Whether it’s a middle school play, tournament basketball game, wrestling meet, swim meet, show choir or band performance, DECA or FFA contest, or any number of other pursuits, connections are being made. Participants or teammates connect with each other. Coaches or sponsors connect with participants. The community feels pride for its groups and connects through support. Even competitors connect with each other.


Humans are social creatures. We go through our days interacting with each other intentionally and unintentionally. I believe the quality of our connections is greatly influenced by how intentional we are. Too often we aren’t mindful enough of the impact we have on others. We miss the opportunity to smile, say thank you, open a door, extend a helping hand, or give a congratulatory pat on the back. I love it when I see some good news I can share on the District Facebook page, and I really appreciate it when someone else shares good news for me to pass along.


I know that life is complicated today. It’s not easy being a teenager. It’s not easy being an educator. It’s not easy being a parent. Nothing worthwhile is easy.


It is pretty easy to connect, though. We can look someone in the eye when we pass by. We can offer a smile. We can work to be forgiving, patient, and honest. We can recognize that we are all going through life together, all have our own challenges, and all have the power to make someone else’s life better, even if it’s in a small way. We can seek out connections at work, at home, in civic groups, at church, or many other places.


I hope we can all be intentional about connecting. When we have an opportunity to express gratitude, we need to do it. When we have a chance to help, we should. This is what community is; and our community of Indianola, as well as our school community, is better and stronger when we connect with each other. Whatever your role in the community, I encourage you to connect with the school and invite you to connect with me personally. My email is , my office phone number is 515-961-9500, and my office is at 1304 E. 2nd Avenue. I appreciate the great school I get to serve and the community I live in. Thank you for reading and for contributing to our school and community!


Superintendent Art Sathoff