On September 12 Indianola Community School District patrons will have the opportunity to go to the polls to elect new school board members and to vote on the renewal of the school district’s Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. Both of these items are extremely important to the school district, and I encourage everyone to get out and vote.

Board service is an extremely rewarding way to volunteer and make a difference. I have had the pleasure of serving on a number of different boards through the years, from local park boards and church boards to state boards of different kinds. Currently, serving on the ICYF Board, Chamber Board, and Iowa High School Music Association Board keeps me connected with great groups of people who add value to the community and state while serving others.

Adding value is exactly what school board service is about, too. The school district has a history of tremendously dedicated, knowledgeable, and effective board members. The commitment is considerable, with board terms being four years. The Indianola CSD School Board has one or two regular meetings a month, periodic specials meetings, various committee meetings, and occasional training opportunities. While a board member might need to miss a meeting or arrive late or leave early once in awhile, the board knows that everyone’s attendance and input is important. If you are interested in running for a vacant school board seat in September, please stop by the District Administration Building at 1304 E. 2nd Avenue or call 515-961-9500 for information.

The other item on the ballot for the school election September 12 is the renewal of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). A “Yes” vote would maintain the current levy of $1.34/$1,000 and extend the funds through 2029. The school district uses PPEL funds primarily for bus and maintenance purposes. The district maintains 34 buses and replaces 2-3 a year to ensure that the fleet stays road worthy and safe. The district also uses PPEL funds for facility improvements, maintenance and repairs as well as some technology purchases each year. The PPEL fund frees up sales tax dollars to be used for technology, specifically the high school 1:1 initiative, as well. Recently, PPEL funds were used to install new security cameras at the high school parking areas and replace district copiers. I want to reiterate that the ballot question seeks to maintain the current PPEL levy and does not result in a tax increase.

Whether or not you choose to run for a school board seat yourself, I hope that you will get out and vote September 12. Deciding the makeup of the school district’s board of directors and deciding whether to continue the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy are both very important decisions.