Those words “back to school” evoke a lot of different images for people. For many students returning to school is an exciting time to reconnect with beloved friends and school staff. For some others those words signify a summer break gone by too fast. Parents’ reactions vary as well. I have enjoyed seeing former students and co-workers of mine posting “first day of school” photos of their children. I know, though, that back-to-school outfits and school supplies aren’t all fun and games as some parents struggle with the expense. “Back to school” means different things for staff members as well. Most school employees do significant, work, planning, and learning through the summer months, and students’ return signals the time to put everything into practice. People who work in education careers have chosen to never really get away from school, so “back to school” is more about getting the gang all together again, reconnecting with colleagues and students.

Whatever one’s associations with back-to-school time, Indianola CSD provides a tremendous place for people to learn and work. The district’s students are very high achieving, with ACT scores that exceed the state average every year and proficiency levels and national standard scores on the Iowa Assessments that exceed both state and AEA averages. Besides being high achievers, Indianola CSD’s students are simply good kids. Interact with our students in any school building or at any activity, and I think you will come away impressed. Our staff is exceptional as well. I am continually impressed by the knowledge, dedication, and caring nature of the district’s employees. So much can be accomplished when good people work together!

I hope everyone will take this back-to-school opportunity to reconnect with the excitement of school days and school activities. Even if you don’t have a direct connection with Indianola CSD anymore, come out to a school event like a sports contest, concert, or play. Stay up on school news through our website, Twitter account (@ICSD_pride) or Facebook page. Join the excitement of all of the great things happening at Indianola CSD!