It has been an exciting fall for Indianola Community School District’s extracurricular programs and clubs. There have been conference championships, playoff appearances, division one ratings, and all-state selections. Everyone enjoys seeing successful programs and individual accomplishments. What I enjoy even more is participation in quality programs by coaches and students who conduct themselves the right way. Indianola certainly has that. Further proof of having the right priorities came my way via Celeste Gebhart, the Activities Department’s very capable secretary. She shared with me participation numbers and grade points, along with the accompanying designation from the state associations. Let me share that information:

Fall Sports
Sport # Participants Aver. GPA State Award
Football (9-12) 73 3.01195 Excellence
Football Cheer (9-12) 34 3.5426 Distinguished
Boys XC (9-12) 27 3.4159 Distinguished
Boys Golf (9-12) 29 3.3050 Distinguished
Volleyball (9-12) 72 3.38879 Distinguished
Girls Swimming (9-12) 26 3.428 Distinguished
Girls XC (9-12) 31 3.5747 Distinguished
(10-12) 14 3.56 Distinguished
Total participants 306 3.4657

Please take the time to compliment district activity participants and sponsors/coaches when you get the chance. We have a lot to be proud of!