In response to SF 2360 the ICSD has to report an annual count of assault and violence that results in injury or property damage by November 1st every year. Ideally, this will all be collected in power school.  Staff injuries will be collected in an alternate Assault and Injury Collection form.


Example 1:  Special education student responds aggressively which leads to staff injury.  

Response:  Staff documents on Assault and Injury Collection form.  The student’s point sheet reflects what happened. Staff injury form ensures the incident is counted.  


Example 2: Student responds aggressively to an adult and is referred to the office.  

Response:  Staff documents on Assault and Injury Collection form.  Student referral and response is recorded in Power School. Proper dating will ensure the incident is reported correctly. 


Example 3: Student is aggressive toward another student.  Incidents are recorded in Power School.  


Assault and Injury Collection form

Senate File 7 Sec. 9., new section 279.51A The school district must report to the Department of Education an annual count of disaggregated incidents of: assault, violence that result in injury, violence resulting in property damage, referral/transfer to a therapeutic classroom. Incidents must be included if they occurred by a student in a school building, on school grounds, or at a school-sponsored function. The report must include demographic information on students reported as victims and perpetrators, disaggregated by race, gender, national origin, age, grade level, and disability status, along with any other data required by the Department to implement ESSA, and with safeguards to ensure student privacy.