Update on the District’s learning plan:
Last board meeting the topic of the district’s instructional model was brought up, and it was shared that we would begin having conversations about under what circumstances and what time frame we could possibly return to full on site instruction, or full days. No change is imminent. This week we have been having building level discussions with staff, and today we will send a survey to remote learners about how things are going.
We are still working to make our remote instruction as high quality as possible and are still making some adjustments to our on site schedules. Things are going well, though, and we have been able to have students face to face five days a week, which many metro schools have not. I really want to stress that we are just evaluating how things are going and anticipating possible changes. The board is not making a decision on any change Monday, and at this point I do not know what changes, if any, will be recommended. Last board meeting I said that there could be a recommendation at the October 12 meeting.
If any changes are recommended, we want to give people lead time to prepare. Whatever instructional model we are in, we want to serve all students as well as possible and also be realistic about what we are able to accomplish. Hopefully this answers questions that might be on people’s minds about time lines and potential changes.
Art Sathoff