Please view this video published by Superintendent Art Sathoff for an update on our Return-to-Learn plan:

Transcript of the video:

Hello, this is Superintendent Art Sathoff with a Return to Learn update. Today I am joined by District Facilities Director Bernie Brueck, who is team lead for our planning on health and safety for Return to Learn.

Thanks for joining today, Bernie. To begin with, could you tell us some of the specifics with regard to cleaning during this time of COVID-19?

We are using CDC- approved cleaning products and focusing on high-touch surfaces, such as desks, tables, and doorknobs, during the day. Staff will spray or wipe down these surfaces multiple times during the day. Overnight we use sprayers to disinfect the entire building.

Besides cleaning, how is the district encouraging good hygiene, especially hand hygiene?

We have shared videos on proper hand-washing and are really emphasizing hand-washing with students and staff. Hand sanitizer is readily available in classrooms and offices, and we have added hand sanitizing stations throughout buildings. We are also adding paper towel dispensers in restrooms that have just hand dryers now.

Physical distancing is recommended and is tough to do in schools. What are some steps being taken to try to achieve physical distancing?
We are posting signage for reminders, just to keep physical distancing front of mind for people. We are removing non-essential furniture from classrooms to help create additional space. Classroom set up is also being considered. We are utilizing outside spaces when we can, too. We are talking about traffic flow in buildings and using designated entrances and exits for grade levels and one-way hallways when possible. Since six feet of distance is difficult to achieve in schools, we are also trying to keep students in cohort groups and limiting large groups in common areas.

Are there other mitigation efforts being taken?

We are doing temperature checks, requiring face coverings for staff and middle school and high school students when physical distancing can’t be achieved, and encouraging face coverings for younger students. We are also shutting down water fountains and using bottle filling stations, and we are adjusting HVAC systems to create more outside air exchange.

Thank you very much, Bernie, for your hard work to keep our students and staff safe at school. Thank you to everyone who is viewing this update, and please go to for more information.