Ray CoffeyIT 20171218 Ray

Director of Technology
515-961-9500 x1512

Contact Mr. Coffey for questions related to:

  • Budget questions
  • Policy questions
  • Planning questions
  • Emerging technologies

Justin GilkersonSilhouette of Male

I.T. Support Services Manager
515-961-9500 x2550

Contact Mr. Gilkerson for questions that may be solved remotely or by phone related to:

  • I.T. Support Services
  • General troubleshooting
  • Computer maintenance
  • Software installation
  • General AV needs

Justin BristowJustin Bristow

Network/System Administrator
515-961-9500 x2500

Contact Mr. Bristow for questions related to:

  • Network
  • Wireless
  • Phones
  • Voicemail

Picture of Ethan FinckEthan Finck

I.T. Support Services Specialist
515-961-9500 x2501

Contact Mr. Finck for questions related to:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Computer maintenance
  • Software installation
  • General AV needs

Mitchell SparksPicture of Mitchell Sparks

I.T. Support Services Specialist

Phone: 515-961-9500 x2511

Contact for Mr. Sparks for questions related to:

  • Digital Learning
  • Environment (1:1) at High School
  • MacBook Air troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Mac software installation

Ryan WhitesittRyan Whitesitt

Student Information System Management Analyst
515-961-9500 x1506

Contact Mr. Whitesitt regarding:

  • PowerSchool Training, Maintenance, & Support
  • Student Enrollment

Picture of Kim LortonKim Lorton

Print Shop Specialist
515-961-9500 x2205

Contact Mrs. Lorton regarding:

  • Mass printing
  • Mass copying

Picture of Ali SauterAli Sauter

Technology Instructional Coach
515-961-9500 x2192

Contact Mrs. Sauter regarding:

  • Technology Integration
  • SAMR Model
  • Instructional Software
  • Instructional Pedagogy